Company Outline

Corporate nameHokuryo Co.,Ltd.
EstablishmentSeptember 1950
PresidentNaoki Taniguchi
Capital¥ 40 million
Number of employees103
AddressNagadamachi, I 18, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Description of business• Full-scale manufacturing of construction and industrial machinery parts
• Full-scale manufacturing of aircraft engine components
• Sales, maintenance, repair, installation, modification, and legal inspection of special vehicles
• Design, manufacturing, sales, service of products for main sewers
Membership• Ishikawa Machinery and Electronics Association
• Ishikawa Automobile Service Promotion Association
• Safety Association of Construction and Loading Vehiclesgy Association
Clients• Takeuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
• Caterpillar, Inc.
• Caterpillar Japan LLC
• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aero Engines, Ltd.
• Kobe Steel, Ltd.
• Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
• Tadano, Ltd.
• IMS Robotics GmbH (Germany)
• Rausch GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)


October 1950Established as a car sales and repair shop.
November 1962Expanded to include construction equipment and to offer after-sales service in the three prefectures in Hokuriku region.
January 1973Established manufacturing sector. Began production of safety-critical parts of construction machinery.
April 1984Commercialized and started sales of the original robots in the sewer pipe maintenance.
July 1987Three divisions of production formed – Manufacturing Division, Special Accessories and Industrial Machinery.
January 2000The company celebrated its 50th anniversary and was driven to the future relevant environmental business.
November 2001Acquired the ISO9002 Certification Quality management systems for manufacturing of parts of construction machinery and industrial vehicles.
November 2003Transition to the ISO9001:2000 Certification
July 2004Approved by the Hokuriku Shinetsu Department of Transportation as a company to provide legal inspection of vehicles.
February 2007Established Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Division.
December 2009Transition to the ISO9001:2008 Certification
December 2010Obtained the certification of Eco-Action21 (2009 edition).
July 2015Acquired the JIS Q 9100 (Quality management systems – Requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations) Certification by the Manufacturing Division.
May 2016Started handling drilling robots for sewer systems manufactured by IMS (Germany) as the exclusive agent in Japan.
April 2018Restructured the hydraulic equipment processing department of the Manufacturing Division to newly establish the aircraft (parts processing) department.
July 2018• Transition to the ISO9001:2015 Certification
• Transition to the JIS Q 9100:2016 Certification
October 2018Started handling CCTV (sewer survey camera equipment) manufactured by Rausch (Germany) as the exclusive agent in Japan.
December 2018Started integrated manufacturing of aero-engine parts.

Management systems

Hokuryo has adopted various management systems to deliver high-quality products. In order to enhance credibility of our products, we have been addressing improvement in efficiency of the workflow, advancement of manufacturing technology, and establishment of the system to deal with environmental issues.