11/4-9/2019 Our team went to Malaysia to conduct a market survey in terms of sewers, and we made a contract with a local supplier to export our product!


In total,  we went to Malaysia five times beginning this March and we vigorously promoted our own “cutting machine” to the Malaysian market, sub-contractors and suppliers in Malaysia, which is funded by the JICA “Feasibility Study Project”.  On the 6th of November, we made a presentation titled “Proposal for Improvement of Sewer Pipe Management in Malaysia including HOKURYO’s product” to IWK.  They were so satisfied with our presentation and our future plan.

We are about to make a contract with a local contractor who cooperated with our FS survey and the seminar held in the  IWK training center.
In addition to Malaysia, we are seeking for a new market and would like to export our own cutting machine to other Asian countries.

We will apply for JICA’s pilot project next year. Once it is approved and adopted, we will deliver our cutting machine to the Jobsites in Malaysia and if operators find our product useful, we will continuously promote our product overseas.

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