Participated in the “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 Ceremony”!



HOKURYO successfully got the “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019” for our new sewer maintenance robot: cutting machine【Product Name: Super Minimogu Plus】on 2nd of October! Together with our CEO Naoki Taniguchi, our project members who applied for the award took part in the prize-awarding ceremony at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Roppongi on 31th of October.

For your information, winning works of the award 2019 had been exhibited at four venues of TOKYO MIDTOWN TOWER which is close to the Roppongi Station by Tokyo metro. Our “Super Minimogu-plus” CG promotion video had been played at the “4F conference: Area 3”.

The whole of the 2nd and 3rd building floors was reserved by the ceremony, there are about as much as 2,500 people(950 companies who received the award), who were raising a toast and pleased.

The award winners were not only Japanese companies, but also other companies from other countries like China, Taiwan, Koreas and so on.
We found out that the award is very famous and widely acknowledged in Asia as well.

In general, most people and judging committees of the award are not familiar with a sewer maintenance industry and we heard that getting the award related to our industry was a very rare case.
We keep on hearing customer’s opinions and requests, referring to the needs in the industry, we try to develop another new model and apply for the award again.

Official Web Page: Good Desing Award 2019 “Super Minimogu Plus”

Thank you very much for your attention.