HOKURYO got the “Ishikawa Eco Design Award 2019”!

HOKURYO got the “Ishikawa Eco-Design Award 2019” and participated in the ”Eco Award Ceremony 2019” on 22nd of November. Our CEO Naoki Taniguchi made a presentation about our new product “Super Minimogu Plus”(cutting machine) to the governor of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Ishikawa Eco Design Award is given to companies or organization which created great products or service for environmental protection.
Review standard for the award is not only architectural design, but also the concept of the product and positive attitude.

Our CEO Taniguchi, who planned and designed the product, got the testimonial and trophy from Mr.Tanimoto, who is the governor of Ishikawa Prefecture. He was interested in our product and asked many questions to our CEO. We believed that the short Q&A session helped him and other participants of the ceremony understood about rehabilitation maintenance work for sewer, the importance of the sewer maintenance robot, the Asian market related to sewer maintenance, and our activities.



We are honored to receive the Award, it was encouraging for us!

we keep on developing better products and contribute to the improvement of the sewer maintenance industry.

Thank you for your attention.