Integrated System

● Policy

HOKURYO supports our customer’s needs with “integrated system”which is the one-stop service from design, manufacturing, inspection, tocustomer service. HOKURYO is working on creating a safe and high qualityproduct with a perfect system.

● Aircraft Department

In the global growing aircraft industry, the needs for machining difficult-to-cut materials for aircraft engines and precision parts has been increasing.
HOKURYO contributes to respond to these difficult needs, featuring with our integrated system. HOKURYO also contribute to the growth of the industry by active investing in capital, expanding production capacity, and technological innovation.

【MADE IN HOKURYO              Integrated System】

· Optimization management of the environment by the temperaturecontrolled room and no-window factory
· Construction method design using CAD / CAM → Jig, program, process

· Small to large turning machining
· Complex-shaped precision machining by the latest simultaneous 5-axis machinery
. Quality assurance system by small to large three-dimensional measuringmachine
· Shape / roughness measurement

●Vehicle Maintenance

Since its foundation of 1950, HOKURYO has providing “Special vehicle maintenance/inspection” which has been in close contact with the area.
Continue to pass on the technical know-how we have accumulated, we will strive to improve advanced technologies and services that meets customer’s need.

【MADE IN HOKURYO              Integrated System】

●Meka-Mogu:Sewer Robot

Quarter century has passed as a manufacturer of sewage pipe maintenance robot.
With HOKURYO ‘s expertise, we will strive to respond quickly and comprehensively to customers in sewerage maintenance and management industry as its needs increases.
HOKURYO will expand exporting of our products to prospective sewer growing countries in Asia while proposing the technology and services we have been providing.

【MADE IN HOKURYO              Integrated System】

●Construction Machinery

A reliable welding technology that supports long-term operation and processing forming technology. HOKURYO will continue to provide high quality and reliability to major construction machinery / industrial machine manufacturers.

【MADE IN HOKURYO              Integrated System】