Company History

Hokuryo was founded in 1950 as an auto repair company.
During the post war reconstruction period in Japan, Hokuryo expanded beyond auto repair to include maintenance and repair of construction equipments.
In response to its relevant demand, Hokuryo also began to produce parts for construction equipments.
This expansion included the development and production of original products, such as Sewer Pipe Maintenance Robots.
Today, Hokuryo has further expanded its scope to automobile repair, sales, and rest related field.
Hokuryo hopes to enter into the new business such as railroad vehicles and aircraft jet engine production in the future.

Hokuryo was founded with 5 people in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, as a company to provide automobile sales and repair services in 1950 in response to the growing popularity of automobiles in the course of the postwar reconstruction. After that, Hokuryo entered the construction and industrial machinery fields in 1962 and expanded its business to cover special vehicles in a wide range of industries such as forestry and agriculture, and as a result, supported the development of local industries. Utilizing its technology of long-time operation and maintenance of vehicles, Hokuryo flexibly tackled even difficult tasks other companies were unwilling to undertake, e.g. cutting and disassembling construction machines and transporting them into the mountain areas in the event of a disaster.

In 1984, Hokuryo developed and commercialized sewer pipe maintenance robots and started its sales. Hokuryo formed the business tie-ups with IMS in 2016 and Rausch in 2018 in Germany which is known for being an advanced country in sewer systems, and expanded the share in the same marketplace in Japan, gradually gaining credibility in the public infrastructure field.

In the meantime, Hokuryo acquired the JISQ 91000 Certification (Quality Management System for aviation, space and defense organizations) in the manufacturing machine processing division in the aircraft industry, which is growing to be a core business since 2015, and joined “AC Ishikawa” (the Aircraft Industry Cluster in Ishikawa Prefecture) and started the business of precision processing for hard-to-cut materials to be used for aero-engines, etc. in 2018.